The Benefits of a Welk Timeshare

Regular timeshares allow people to visit a specific resort every year, or one of several options, for an annual fee. The total amount is discounted and includes many amenities and perks. The advantages of having a timeshare are cost savings, flexibility of vacation destinations, and the ability to allow friends and family to utilize time if holders are not able to take a vacation. Pricing, terms, and conditions differ from opportunity to opportunity.

The concept is not new, but it has been updated to appeal to modern fun-lovers and adventurers. An example of this is clearly evident in the benefits of a Welk Timeshare. The first benefit is an introductory membership that lasts for eighteen-months. The rate is lower than the annual fee and it gives people a chance to experience what “vacation ownership” has to offer.

Available Activities

Typical luxury vacation activities, such as golf and spa treatments, are available along with many new ones. Unique experiences include on-site dedicated virtual reality rooms, spy camp, lip sync battles, and drone flight schools. Theater performances, concerts, and restaurants are also offered. Discounts to local attractions are also available to timeshare owners.

A Variety of Choices

Currently, there are five destinations from which to choose. San Diego, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Branson, and Cabo San Lucus. Two other locations are under construction. One, two, and three bedroom villa floor plans are available. Four different ownership levels are offered to accommodate needs and preferences.

How to Decide

Two and three night special offers are available at deep discounts for those who are interested in learning about timeshare opportunities. People who meet certain criteria can take advantage of offers by reserving space in advance. Participants have to be twenty-five years of age or older and have an income of seventy thousand dollars, which can be combined for couples. Current employment is required, as is consent for a credit check.

A credit card, not a debit card, is required to cover any extra expenses. Participants must also agree to attend a two-hour guided tour and sales presentation. It is an ideal offer to experience benefits, get questions answered, and discover details about ownership plans.